Attitude Differences

I found this article on 5 Significant Attitude Differences That Separate Growing and Declining Churches & I’m interested in your thoughts…

Which do you think we more closely represent? How can we foster a ‘Growing Church’ attitude?



3 thoughts on “Attitude Differences

  1. Great article Eugene. I have heard it said that there is no room in Christian language for shouldn’t & can’t. We have been blessed with Good News for the purpose of sharing it, not just so that we can feed ourselves. We do need spiritual food of course but only so that we can grow, then share. It’s selfish & greedy if we don’t. We are lucky that St. John’s is not self serving, mainly, I believe. The Lutheran inheritance of mission & gospel are still loud & clear, which puts us in a great position to reach out to others. How to do this effectively is always the challenge, especially as we are faced with a generation who simply don’t believe in a God. The science of evolution has been poorly dealt with by most churches. I reckon it’s good to teach our kids to look for God in what science is saying. He is surely there.


    • He doesn’t give any concrete examples that I’m aware of – his thoughts are more based on experience & what he’s encountered over his years of ministry. I think the challenge is for us to think about the culture of our own congregation – do we think more in terms of we can or can’t, are our decisions about them or us, do we operate with principles or preferences, are we more proactive or reactive, do we think in terms of doing things now or eventually? Let me know if you’d like to talk more about what he’s saying…


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