This Killed Kodak

kodak-eastman-autographic-juniorI found this article online & am interested in your thoughts…

This Killed Kodak, and It’s Coming for Your Church

Would you say our congregation is more Reactive, Developmental, Transitional or Transformational?

Which would you like us to be? How can we move in that direction?


One thought on “This Killed Kodak

  1. IMHO the analogy between Kodak and the Church is rather forced. Kodak’s job was to maximize its profit, and this made it institutionally hard for them to cannibalize a (at the time) highly profitable analog film business in the face of newer digital technology. The Church’s job is surely to preach the Gospel, and if the Gospel can be thought of as a technology, it is a very durable one and seems unlikely to be subject to being superceded! Now perhaps the analogy fits better when talking about management or organizational styles, others are better placed to comment there than I. The Church however may take comfort in that whatever its problems, it is secure against disruption of its fundamental “tecnhology” and thus safe from collapse in the manner of Kodak.


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