Faith & Discipleship Articles

McCrindle research

A couple of articles came through my facebook news feed earlier today. The first is from McCrindle Research on Faith and Belief in Australia. The second is from the Fuller Youth Institute about making discipleship a priority for our church (they’re the same people who are behind Growing Young which we’ll be looking at later in the year).

What connects them is McCrindle’s finding that, for a lot of Aussies, ‘the greatest attraction to investigating spirituality and religion is seeing people live out a genuine faith.’ How do we equip & help people to ‘live out a genuine faith’? We usually call that ‘discipleship’.

Coincidence? Or maybe God’s trying to tell me something…?

What do you reckon?


This Killed Kodak

kodak-eastman-autographic-juniorI found this article online & am interested in your thoughts…

This Killed Kodak, and It’s Coming for Your Church

Would you say our congregation is more Reactive, Developmental, Transitional or Transformational?

Which would you like us to be? How can we move in that direction?


Research Says: Young People Don’t Want Hip Pastors

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This article came across my Facebook news-feed & I thought I’d pass it on. It has some very valuable insights we can think about as we begin to contemplate how our congregation’s ministry to young people might look like in the future…

I’m interested in your thoughts on it.


PS – Sorry about the article only being a preview. You can find the full article here (I hope): ct-young-people-dont-want-hip-pastors

Intergenerational Worship

I came across this blog post on Why Intergenerational Worship? & thought I’d put it out there for people to read & comment on. In it, the author writes:

‘… churches that encouraged intergenerational connections and worship and youth that felt involved and connected to the larger church had a much greater chance of remaining in church post high school.’

What do you think? How can we become more intergenerational in our worship?